AlertPay is an online payment business that is privately owned and operated.

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AlertPay is an online payment business that is privately owned and operated. AlterPay’s online payment system provides companies and individuals with the ability to pay and receive payments entirely online, allowing for rapid transfer of funds. AlertPay users have the capability to transfer funds without making public any financial or personal information about themselves, the recipient, or the transaction.


AlertPay is registered as an official corporation in both the United States and Canada, and complies with all of the various regulations and procedures of the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions of Canada, Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, and Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. Founded in 2004, AlertPay now employs 45+ full time staff. AlertPay is based out of Montreal, Quebec and as of August of 2008, approximately 2.1 million accounts were registered on their system. This impressive number stems from AlertPay’s reliability and versatility: they support twenty-two currencies and support transactions in two-hundred-and-six countries worldwide.


At AlertPay they are committed fully to the notion of knowing your customer on a personal level. This ensures a safe, secure program for all of the AlertPay accounts. Respect for their clients privacy is an important part of what has made AlertPay one of the leading companies in online payment. They stand by their stated Privacy Policy to ensure that each customer’s identity is known only to them.

Each dollar deposited into a registered AlertPay account is insured with the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation as well as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in Canada and the United States, respectively, and are held with federally regulated and chartered banks.


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